Ron andrews smoking fetish

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Taujin 3 years ago
These would be much finer if he'd shut the fuck up
Daile 3 years ago
This is the science for you, Shawsy. XX/XY or ZZ/ZW. Nothing, surprise, surprise, is in between. Yes, there are XXY (Klinefelter Syndrome), XYY (Jacob's Syndrome and some other genetic disorders. Genetic science call this conditions syndromes and disorders, not genders.
Gozragore 3 years ago
You are believing the lies and interpretations that the inquisitors put to justify their use of murder against the old Gnostic Christians.
Vujind 3 years ago
Kerisar 3 years ago
My constant gripe at work is people asking stupid questions when the answer is right in the notes. They act like they don't have time to read through, but I think it takes more time to send me an email, wait for my response, and then read the note for themselves anyway.

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